The Thepadia Family


The Thepadia Family is known as the Nana Family to the new generations of Randeries. Ali Bhai Thepadia migrated to Thailand around 150 years ago and made this his home. I have met the 4th and 5th Generation of Nana Family and am proud to say that they are all very educated, talented and gifted members of our community.

The story of Thepadia family to fame started when Ali Bhai Thepadia moved to Thailand around 150 years ago. Ali Bhai was educated and was able to speak fluent English. He arrived on the shores of Thailand empty handed, but with high hopes.

Nana New Era

Bangkok, The capital of Thailand, was a very popular travelling destination amongst the Europeans. Renowned for its spices, businessmen from Portugal and Spain travelled there. Ali Bhai first arrived here and started by selling goods from back home around the 3rdKing of Thailand (as know as Siam)

Thailand was popular because of its leading exports of rice, spice and sugar. The cargo ships from Europe and other parts of the world would travel to Thailand to buy and sell the commodity; however the language was becoming a communication barrier between the Thai Custom & Excise and cargo ships from Europe and other parts of the world. The 4th Thai King soon found out about Ali Bhai and his English Skills. As a result, Ali Bhai was immediately appointed in the Thailand Shipping Custom & Excise office to assist Thai officers with translation. This was the beginning of a relationship between the Thai Kings and the Thepadia family

While Ali Bhai ( 1st generation of Nana family ) was busy with the Thai government his two sons ( 2nd Generation Nana ) continued with the fathers business.

The 5th Thai King then recognized the contributions Ali Bhai had made to their government. He was then awarded for his achievement known as the ‘Pra-pichet sun-panich’ ( The great businessmen ) award, similar to “Sir” in the UK.

Families from Rander

Back in those days the British delegate by the name of Sir John Bowring was invited to Thailand to establish a bilateral agreement on trade and visa exemption for British citizens to his country. This gave an opportunity to Randery,as they were classified as British due to their citizen of India.

The other Randery families that were able to benefit from this opportunity consisted of the following: Angulia family, Chongalia family, etc.

Change of Surname from Thepadia to Nana

Ali Bhai Thepadia with his two young sons went to see the 5th King of Thailand. The two boys were disruptive and out of anger Ali Bhai called the boys “Nana Masti Mokhul” The King enquired the meaning of these words and he liked the word ‘Nana’ so much that he requested Ali Bhai Thepadia to change his last name from Thepadia to Nana. In those days, Thailand was not accustomed to having surnames.


Ahmed Ebrahim Nana ( 3rd Generation Nana family ) was a very gifted and talented man. He saw many business opportunities and registered the company officially called “Randery Burah Makan Company Limited” This was only the 16th company registered in Thailand in those times. The company still exists to this day. He not only started several business ventures, but was also actively involved in Government projects. He was also a government representative for several occasions.

More details are as follows:

  • Started Sugar Refinery business
  • Due to the lack of a sugar refinery, raw sugar was imported from Indonesia
  • Teak wood Export
  • Rice Export
  • First ever car imported in Thailand – Standard ( See photo below )
  • Buying and Selling Lands
  • He helped government by donating large sum of money to build the first bridge across Chao phraya River in Bangkok ( King Rama 1st bridge )
  • He was a committee member of Thai Red Cross Society and his sons donated land to build the hospital at Sara Buri Province named “Nana Pakchong hospital”
  • When visiting Thailand, Ahmed Ebrahim welcome Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian literate Ravinaranath Thakor
  • He donated his money to build some masjids and Islamic school in Bangkok.

Nana Seth’s children

Ahmed Ebrahim Nana had few wives but the children listed below are from the Randeri wives. The family free of children ( 4th Generation Nana ) and grand children ( 5th Generation Nana ) Bangkok are:

  1. Cassim A Nana ( deceased )
    • Mohamed Nana
  2. Ali A Nana ( deceased )
    • Ahmed Nana
  3. Ebrahim Ahmed Nana ( deceased )
    • Dr.Salim Nana
    • Aisha Nana
  4. Ismail Ahmed Nana ( deceased )
    • Mariam Nana
    • Ayub Nana
    • Ahmed Nana
  5. Mrs. Mariam Yacoob Malla ( deceased )
    • Shemin daughter of Y.H. Malla
  6. Yusuf Ahmed Nana ( deceased )
    • Adam Nana ( recently passed away )
    • Sulaiman Nana
    • Mohamed Nana
    • Yunus Nana
    • Sofia Hansiya
    • Hawa Nana
  7. Mahmood Ahmed Nana - Alive ( May Allah gives him health )
    • Jamila Nana
    • Dr.Rasool B.B. Nana
    • Katiya Nana
    • Rabia Nana
    • Khodiyah Sukro Nana
    • Salma Nana
  8. Khadiya M. Botawala ( deceased )
    • Fatima M. Botawala ( N.Killadar )
    • Esuf Botawala
    • Saira Ismail
  9. Mohamed A Nana - Alive ( May Allah gives him health )
    • Ahmed Nana

Donation of Land to the Rama 9th King of Thailand

This land located at klongsan district ( closed to Anong Temple ) in Bangkok over 2.5 acres. It is where King Rama's 9th mother spent her childhood with her parents. Subsequently, the King enquired regarding the landlord. He was informed that this land was currently under the ownership of the Nana Family. The King desired to purchase this land. When the Nana

Family members ( 4th Generation ) were approached, they decided to donate it to the King. This is just one of the several land donations the Nana family have made of Thai government and its people